Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a directory of people, computers, and groups that provides a way to manage Windows computer policies and permissions. Active Directory services at UMD include:


Desktop authentication using your University Internet ID and password

To connect your Windows computer to Active Directory services, you sign in using your University Internet (email) ID  and password. No need for a separate workstation account and password. Shared workstations are managed more securely, as in user signs in to their own desktop and file storage.

Security policies

Workstations connected to the Active Directory service will automatically receive updated security policies, ensuring that all computers are compliant with current University security policies.

Departmental and individual file storage

Active Directory file storage provides secure, backed up file storage that is accessible from any computer on the University network or from home using our VPN service.

Network printing

Network print queues are easily set up using the standard Windows printer wizard. If desired, department printers can be "pushed" out to all AD workstations in a department.

Sponsored Account

Complete this form to request a Sponsored Account with Active Directory services. This is an Internet account for a University-affiliated individual that individual provides a service or function that directly impacts students, faculty, or staff.