MediaHub CoLab

ITSS MediaHub CoLab

ITSS MediaHub CoLab is an emerging technology space for collaboration, active learning and exploration. The CoLab is an open, inclusive space to explore new technologies, gather with colleagues, and develop your creative skills. 

The CoLab offers:

  • Two (2) Dremel 3D45, 3D printers,
  • Three (3) iMac computers with power-adjustable sit/stand desks,
  • One (1) Mac Mini & Wacom One workstation at a power-adjustable sit/stand desk,
  • Three (3) Epson V600 photo scanners, and film cases for scanning to digital and print format, 
  • Large community tables with hightop and low seating areas with access to 70 inch display
  • An Interactive Whiteboard with powered booths and lounge seating space.
  • A charging tower for laptops, phones and other devices,
  • Lamination station for small projects (free of charge for small lots).
  • Multiple whiteboards on wheels, essential for writing down ideas.
  • Two button makers to use in the CoLab workspace. 

And expert, friendly help too!

One big advantage of moving from our old home in Kathryn A. Martin Library is moving closer to where the IT experts are located: UMD's Academic Technologists, Classroom Technicians, IT Specialists, and Course Designers are all based out of Kirby Plaza. 

Use the 70 inch display and large community tables to develop a presentation, share data with a small group, generate new ideas, or demonstrate your skills.  The CoLab space also offers an Interactive Whiteboard nestled amidst couches and table space, perfect for planning your next project or sketching out a process.

We are looking forward to creating in the MediaHub CoLab with you!

Photo of Sign: Welcome to the Colab. We offer: Scanners, iMacs, 3D Printers, Interactive Whiteboard.