eGradebook Decommissioning and Transition Plan

UMD ITSS has offered eGradebook to faculty, staff and students for almost 20 years. eGradebook has been approaching end-of-life status for some time and has been reviewed for decommissioning and replacement. ITSS considered decommissioning eGradebook when UMN transitioned from WebVista to Moodle over a decade ago and again during subsequent Moodle gradebook updates. Unfortunately, each version of the Moodle gradebook did not prove to be an adequate replacement.

When UMN began transitioning from Moodle to Canvas two academic years ago, the task of decommissioning eGradebook and finding an accompanying replacement was revisited. The replacement review process was accelerated because eGradebook has been plagued with recurring data feed problems and its legacy code structure presents challenges in ongoing maintenance and updates. In addition, because less than 15% of course sections are represented in eGradebook, and UMN is already providing a reliable, accessible and modern gradebook within Canvas, ITSS has begun the process of decommissioning eGradebook.

eGradebook Archive and Decommission Deadlines

Please note the following archiving and decommissioning deadlines.

  • On Thursday, August 15, 2019, eGradebooks will be archived.
  • No new eGradebooks can be created for Fall 2019.
  • Existing eGradebooks will remain accessible on the eGradebook archive server until October 1st, 2020 when the eGradebook application will be decommissioned.

Note: While eGradebook can be used during Summer 2019, we encourage instructors to use the Canvas gradebook to avoid any potential disruptions during summer grading and final grade submission processes in August.

eGradebook to Canvas Gradebook Migration Support

If you are an instructor who uses eGradebook and would like to re-create your eGradebook(s) structure in Canvas, below are some support options:

eGradebook to Canvas Gradebook Comparison

While the Canvas gradebook is not a carbon copy of eGradebook, it offers a number of benefits to instructors and students:

  • Connection to PeopleSoft ensures secure, real-time update of student data.
  • Instructors can set-up their gradebook(s) months in advance, including multi-section course gradebooks.
  • Ability to send final grades directly from Canvas to PeopleSoft/MyU Students will have one primary location for electronic grades.
  • Functionality that can increase efficiencies with grading processes Modern, updated w/ on-going development cycles.

eGradebook to Canvas Gradebook Online Guides

eGradebook Users looking to make the switch to Canvas Gradebook, can view the following online guides:

    Questions?  Please contact Kara Hanson, Manager of Academic Technology.