Technology Transitions

Moodle to Canvas Transition

From Summer 2017 through Summer 2019, the University of Minnesota system has been transitioning Moodle course sites to the new centrally-supported Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas.

  • After the completion of Summer 2019, there will be no active teaching in Moodle.
  • On September 3, OIT will reconfigure Moodle such that users are able to access their course materials, but active teaching in Moodle will not be possible.¬†Activities that will (and will not) be possible after Moodle is disabled for active teaching can be found on the Moodle After September 3 webpage.

WebEx to Zoom Transition

The University has been transitioning from Webex to Zoom as its online meeting tool. You can begin using Zoom today!

  • Webex will be permanently retired on September 2.
  • All Webex recordings that you want to keep must be moved to Kaltura Meeting Space or (if they contain Personal Health Information) to Box Secure Storage.

eGradebook to Canvas Gradebook

Summer 2019 was the last semester of active teaching with eGradebook. Instructors using a University supported electronic gradebook can continue or begin using the Canvas gradebook.

  • On Thursday, August 15, 2019, eGradebooks will be archived.
  • No new eGradebooks can be created for Fall 2019. Existing eGradebooks will remain accessible on the eGradebook archive server until October 1st, 2020 when the eGradebook application will be decommissioned.

For more information, visit the eGradebook Decommissioning and Transition Plan webpage.