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Active Directory - Forms

Computer Management

Workstation Administrator (WA) Agreement (pdf)
Complete this form annually to request an account for administrative control of unit resources and services for a unit within the Duluth OU of the University's Active Directory (AD). You must also attend a one-hour WA Training Session (bring the completed, signed form to the training session).
Sponsored Internet Account
Complete this form to request a Sponsored Internet Account with Active Directory services. This is an option for staff who do not have a valid X.500 entry (retired, volunteer) but need access to AD services.
File Storage
Complete this online form to request or remove file storage on the Active Directory file servers.
  • Personal folder (P: drive): Created on request for faculty or staff who have workstations on Active Directory.
  • Shared folders (N: drive): Created for each department that has workstations on Active Directory. Access to department shared folders must be requested by the person in the department who manages the folder data.
Elevate Rights in AD
Complete this form to request temporary elevated access (administrator) rights to your AD workstation.
  • You will receive an email when your account has been granted temporary administrator rights.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to sign in and complete your task.
  • The elevated rights expire at the beginning of the next business day.
  • This service is currently available during business hours only.