Action Needed: University-owned Device Setup

Why has this page appeared?

The University has changed the server used for managing University-owned Apple devices. Each user must take a minute to follow the instructions below.

Is this required or optional?

Required. All University-owned devices are required to be centrally managed for auditing and compliance purposes. These steps ensure that your device remains compliant with University policy. Non-compliant devices will be removed from service.

I've already gone through these steps, but this page still pops up.

This may happen once or twice, but if you feel like you have completed the steps and are still seeing this page, contact the TechCenter Help Desk.

Possible Scenarios

During the migration, your device will fall into one of 3 scenarios that require different action on your part:

  1. Notification: Select "Allow Device Enrollment" to complete
  2. Approve: Approve the new MDM profile to complete
  3. Download: Download and approve the new MDM profile to complete

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Scenario 1: Notification

Activate or click on the clock in your menu bar to show recent notifications.

If you see a notification that reads "Device Enrollment. University Of Minnesota Duluth can automatically configure your Mac", activate or click it. (If you don't see the notification, skip to Scenario 2: Approve.)

Screenshot: Notification alert.
  1. Activate or click anywhere on the alert.
  2. The System Preferences window will open with a prompt to "Allow Device Enrollment?" Activate or click "Allow".
    Screenshot: Apple menu with system preferences selected.
  3. Enter your computer admin password when prompted. You are done!

Scenario 2: Approve

If you don't get a notification as described in Scenario 1, please complete the following steps:

Screenshot: Apple menu with system preferences selected.
  1. Open the "Apple" menu in the menu bar, and choose "System Preferences.
  2. Look for the item "Profiles". This will be one of the last ones, and looks like a gray starburst seal with a check mark. If the Profiles icon is present, Activate or click on it. (If the icon is NOT present, skip to Scenario 3: Download and Approve.)
    Screenshot: Profiles icon.
  3. On the Device (Managed) pane, find the item named "MDM Profile", and select it. (If there is no MDM Profile on the list, skip to Scenario 3.)
    Screenshot: Device (Managed) pane wiht MDM profile selected.
  4. An "Approve…" button will appear in the MDM Profile panel. Activate or click it.
    Screenshot: MDM profile pane with the Approve button selected.
  5. Approve the installation of the profile, using your computer admin password. You are done!

Scenario 3: Download and Approve

If you didn't get a notification as described in Scenario 1, or cannot approve the MDM Profile as described in Scenario 2, continue with the following steps:

  1. Open the MDM Profile download page in your Internet browser.
    Screenshot: MDM profile dialog box and continue button.
  2. Activate or click the "Continue" button to download the file: "enrollmentProfile.mobileconfig". (Save it to your Downloads folder so you can find it easily in a moment.)
  3. Open the file.
  4. If the "Profiles" System Preferences window opens automatically and you are prompted to install the MDM Profile, activate or click "Install" and continue following the prompts.
    Screenshot: System Preferences window.
  5. If the System Preferences window does NOT open automatically, open it manually from the "Apple" menu.
  6. In the "Profiles" window, find the item named "MDM Profile" on the left side, and select it.
  7. Then, on the right hand side, activate or click the small button at the top labeled "Install…"
  8. Approve the installation of the profile, using your computer admin password. You are done!

Once completed, you may notice some extra activity on your device for a few minutes.

  • Additional profiles will start to appear. You can close the System Preferences window.
  • The Self Service application may open automatically. You can close it.
  • An AD.UMN.EDU login window may pop-up:
    • Log in using your university username and password, and then follow the prompts to verify your university/AD password is synced with your computer password.
  • A notification may appear asking you to verify your device encryption:
    • Follow the prompts using your computer password to complete the verification.

I have more questions or need help.

Watch the video instructions:

If you need more help, call the TechCenter Help Desk at (218) 726-8847.