Canvas Transition

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Getting Assistance with Canvas at UMD

To start planning your Canvas transition over the 2017-2018 academic year,

  • No immediate action is needed for fall 2017 courses. Canvas will be in a pre-production state for fall 2017 which means work will be happening to complete or formalize integrations with other UMN  systems (i.e. PeopleSoft).  With this in mind:

    • we encourage faculty to stay with Moodle for fall 2017.

    • until system integrations are complete, and a formal course request and transition process is in place, we encourage you to request a Canvas development site 

      • a Canvas development site operates the same way the production version of Canvas will when it's ready. A development site will also allow you to explore the features and functionality of Canvas and then transfer your development site to the production version of Canvas when ready.
    • users interested in early adoption should consult with ITSS to have a full understanding of the limitations early in the transition.

  • This is a significant transition and the early development of Canvas transition plan for your department can lead to a more successful outcome.

  • Moodle will remain available and supported for the duration of the 24-month transition.  All Moodle courses will be archived at the end of Summer 2019.

  • Starting fall 2019, all course sites using a centrally supported LMS will be in Canvas.