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Next Generation Network Project

illustration: Next Generation Network The Next Generation Network Project at the University of Minnesota is an upgrade of all the components of the University system's network, wired and WiFi.

This upgrade is happening to keep up with demand, create a more stable network, and create a more secure system-wide network.

Learn more about why UMN is upgrading now.

The WiFi portion of the NGN project is considered complete. Over 10,000 WiFi access points were newly-installed across the University of Minnesota system, and all U of M faculty, staff, and student WiFi users were transitioned to a new, preferred secure WiFi network: eduroam.

System campus core cutovers are targeted for summer 2018, and WiFi adjustments and improvements continue to be made to improve service for all University WiFi users on all campuses.

A full update on the project is available at

illustration: Next Generation Network

NGN WiFi Replacement Begins at UMD

June 23, 2017

All UMD WiFi access points will be affected in the first work phase. Learn how this impacts you.
Illustration: Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network: WiFi

April 28, 2017

New WiFi equipment and standardized WiFi access are part of the network upgrade project.
Illustration: Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network Meeting to Be Held at UMD

February 27, 2017

Learn about the project and get your questions answered on March 20.
Illustration: Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network (NGN): Right-Sizing

January 31, 2017

A project is underway to size our new network appropriately.