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Instructions for the Exam Giver of Scantron Exams

Please stress the following to your students at test time:

  1. Use a #2 pencil and make careful erasures. (Please do not use ink).
  2. Please fill in the name and identification number (student id) areas. (A through G on the blue bubble sheet under identification number – fill in the circles). If not filled in, NO grade will post to eGradebook or Moodle.
  3. Do not leave blanks - there is no penalty for guessing. (Even if you, the instructor, know at test time that you wish to omit a question, have the students fill in "e" or some other choice, but do not have them leave it blank, please). All blank answers are checked by hand during the scoring process to make sure that they are not marks which were too light for the scanner to pick up.
  4. Fill the space in completely.

Information for the professor to prepare exam for scoring:

In ITSS we have moved to new scanning software, Remark, as our old software was no longer supported or sustainable. The new software is a big process improvement for us, and it will be much easier for us to continue to use and support in the future. Some of the things we were able to do in the previous software are no longer available to us as a result of this change. Most of you have been careful to adhere to the following guidelines to help us score tests anyway, but now we will no longer have the same error correcting process, so test processing will change in the following ways:

  1. You no longer have to number your exams as in the past (but they still must be separated into versions with individual answer keys if you give multiple versions).
  2. Student ID must be written in, bubbles filled in and accurate. If this is not done, there is no part of our process that alerts to the error, and the upload into eGradeBook or Moodle simply does not record a grade for that individual. If a student puts the wrong or incomplete ID, then whatever they entered in that field and the name field will be on the report, so you will be able to manually add their scores to your gradebook - it just will not happen automatically.
  3. There is no longer a preview verification of questions where less than 20% of students chose the correct answer.
  4. We cannot gift points based on percentage. You can still gift a question, but it must be noted on the cover sheet.
  5. If you give extra credit points you will have to adjust your gradebook to reflect this. For example: If you have a 50 point test with 5 extra questions for a total of 55, then the exam needs to be worth 50 points in your gradebook, while your cover sheet will reflect that there are 55 questions on the test.
  6. Point values can be to a 10th of a point (1.2, .8, 5.6), but they cannot go up to a hundredth of a point (1.66, .75).
  7. We can no longer deduct points for missing student ID numbers. You could deduct points from their score when you manually put in their scores, if desired.
  8. It is now possible to require a student to pick multiple answers for a question. It no longer has to be exclusively an either/or question. You must specify whether a student must pick all answers for the question to be right. If not specified, ITSS will assume it is an "either/or" question.
  9. ITSS will continue to strive for a 2-day turnaround on exams, and when we are able we will continue to turn them around faster than that.

These changes are a result of moving from an unsupported and antiquated software to a modern commercial software. We are hoping the limitations will not cause too much of a problem, and we expect that for the majority of you the process of test scoring will continue to be very much like it was. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for any help you can give on these items. If you would like to watch the test scoring process, I would be glad to show you how the program works on this end. Please call me if you also have questions.

For more information please contact Karen Haedtke:, 726-7751