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Learn at your own pace. ITSS self-paced offerings do not have specific start and end dates. Your work may be scattered over a period of time. This training provides instructor feedback.

Offerings for the UMD Community

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Make sure you have all prerequisites. Prerequisites define the knowledge and skills you should have at the beginning of training. If the training requires competence or mastery of a skill, that means you should be able to perform that skill with no or very minimal assistance. If you have the proper prerequisites you are prime to begin training and are the most likely to be successful in achieving learning outcomes.

  • If you lack prerequisites, you would at best have a difficult time learning the material. You would at worst be frustrated and lost. If you do not have prerequisites it is advised that you do not take the training.
  • If you have substantially more than the prerequisites, and if you are not afraid of becoming bored completing assignments below your skill level, you are welcome to complete the training for review purposes. But remember instruction may be redundant for you and advanced questions may be beyond the scope of the training module.