Course software & computer labs

Through your enrollment at the University of Minnesota Duluth, you get access to some specific software packages. Some of them are free for all enrolled students, such as Microsoft Office (for either Windows or Mac), and some are dependent on the program or courses that you are enrolled in. Examples of this include SPSS, SolidWorks, and other software available on the full access lab image.

You may purchase access to the full access lab image at the TechCenter (Kirby Plaza 175), even if it’s not required by a course you are taking. 

When you are working on projects for class, your student organization, or just for your personal use, you can use the Google Suite of applications through your University account. You get unlimited storage through Google Drive, and the Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites apps have much of the same basic functionality as other word processors, spreadsheet programs, presentation software, and website development sites.