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Course tools

There are many tools and resources you might be asked to use as a student at the University. Some of them are broad, like our Course Management System, Moodle, and some are very project-specific, like Kaltura (a video and screen capture tool inside of Moodle). ITSS provides student support for installing and using these technologies in your courses. If your instructors are using technology not on this list, support may be limited. You are always welcome to stop by the TechCenter at 165 Kirby Plaza, or call or email the Helpdesk at 218-726-8847 or for assistance. Please include your instructor's name and your class name and number.


Moodle is the University’s official Learning Management System. You may have a face-to-face class with some resources, quizzes, or other information online, or you might use Moodle in a fully online course, or some combination. You can access Moodle through the MyU portal, or via


The University of Minnesota has made the decision to transition from Moodle to Canvas as it's official Learning Management System (LMS). This transition will take place over the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 school years (Academic Years 17 and 18). You may have courses in both Moodle and Canvas during this transition time. Starting in Fall 2019, all courses using the official LMS will need to be taught in Canvas. You can access Canvas by going to

Moodle and Canvas Assignment Tools

Within both Moodle and Canvas, there are several other tools available that your instructor may or may not use. The University has documentation about how these tools work at the following links:

Additional Tools

In addition to the tools in Moodle and Canvas, there are various other software, tools, and websites available to students. Here are some of the more commonly used ones: