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Upload Scantron Scores into Canvas

Educational Technology

Importing a Scantron CSV file into Canvas

The .csv file you are provided from the Scantron process contains two columns of information: 

  • Student ID
  • Score

To import scores into the Canvas Gradebook you need to follow one of the following methods:

Export/Import from Canvas Gradebook CSV

  1. Login to Canvas (MyU >Key Links > Canvas) and navigate to your course.
  2. Click Grades in the Course Menu.
  3. Click the export button and follow instructions to export a CSV file. Enter or copy/paste scores into the Canvas Gradebook CSV file.
  4. Go to grades from the course menu and click the import button and follow directions to import the altered exported CSV file.

Import scores into Canvas from Scantron CSV

  1. Open the Scantron CSV file in Google Sheets. You may also use Excel but the directions may vary slightly.
  2. With your cursor in Row 1, select Insert >Row Above to create an empty row for column headings
  3. Type SIS User ID in the column heading cell above the column with the student ID numbers. 
  4. Type Assignment in the column heading cell above the column with the scores. If you are entering scores to an existing Canvas assignment, you will be prompted to select the appropriate assignment during the import process.  You can also create a new assignment in your Gradebook during the import process. 
  5. You also need to include but not provide data for the Student, ID, SIS Login ID and Section columns in the order shown: 
    1. Student | Student ID | SIS User ID | SIS Login ID | Section | Assignment 
  6. To create this in your CSV file:
      1. With your cursor in the SIS User ID column, select Insert >Column Left. Type Student ID in the column's first row cell.
      2. With your cursor in the Student ID column, select Insert >Column Left. Type Student in the column's first row cell.
      3. With your cursor back in the SIS User ID  column, select Insert >Column Right. Type SIS Login ID in the column's first row cell.
      4. With your cursor in the SIS Login ID  column, select Insert >Column Right. Type Section in the column's first row cell.
      5. Use this Google Sheet Canvas Score Upload template. Must make a copy if you want to use with your scores. 
  7. Optional: In the Student column enter ascending numbers (Enter 1 then 2, then highlight both and grab the lower right corner and drag down to fill).  This will allow you to identify which rows in your spreadsheet have incorrect student ID numbers during the import.
  8. Login to Canvas (MyU>Key Links>Canvas) and navigate to your course. 
  9. Click Grades in the Course Menu.
  10. Click on import and follow the directions to import your spreadsheet. 
  11. Any “Student in Question” will be listed.  These are students where their SIS User ID doesn’t exist in the class.  The number we put under student will be listed, you can find that number on your original spreadsheet, and use their scantron to find name and choose it. 
  12. If you have extra things in your original spreadsheet, Canvas will list those items and you will need to choose the ignore option from the dropdown box.
    • If you have multiple sections/courses in one scantron spreadsheet, when you import into one course you will get students that cannot be identified (they are from other course) that you will need to tell the importer to ignore.
    • Check in Grades for any empty cells. These are students that did not take the test (enter a zero) or students with incorrect IDs entered on their scantron answer sheets. You should search the scantron sheets for these students to find their score, which you can enter directly into grades.