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Filter your accessibility results by content and template regions with this new feature.

Pope Tech is an enterprise-level web accessibility dashboard and evaluation system available to website editors using Drupal.

New Feature Announced

Kieran Kohlhase with UMN's Twin Cities Office Information Technology (OIT), recently sent the following message to the University Pope Tech community:

We have enabled a new feature in Pope Tech called Website Templates. Website templates allow you to filter scan results to view errors in the Content Region (page body content) separately from errors in the Template Region which includes elements like headers, footers, and main navigation that repeats on multiple pages.

This feature is helpful for two reasons:

Users who only contribute content to a website, but do not have permission to edit headers/footers and other Template region content, can focus on accessibility issues that are within their control.

Site owners and developers can hone in on accessibility issues that are part of your website's Template region, which affect multiple pages. Addressing these issues can have a big impact on the overall accessibility of your site. 

We have added 3 articles related to this feature to the UMN Pope Tech Self-Help Guide.


Both Content Contributors and Group Managers are able to use this feature.

You can provide feedback on these articles by answering the "Was this page helpful?" prompt at the bottom of the page. After you select either "yes" or "no," a text field will appear in which you can enter qualitative feedback.

If you have questions or need additional help with this feature, please contact us at [email protected].


UMN Pope Tech Team

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