Data Requests

Procedure: University of Minnesota Duluth

ITSS provides custom data set development to internal University personnel for business needs. Sources include the University enterprise systems, such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

Some examples of data that can be provided include:

  • Directory information
  • Email lists
  • Address labels
  • Data visualizations

Follow the instructions below according to your role to see how to get started.

If You Are…

An Internal Unit or Researcher

  1. Submit a service request with ITSS
  2. Requests for private student data will be submitted to the Registrar for approval
  3. Requests for private employee data will be submitted to HR for approval

A Student Group

  1. Student Organization representative will complete the Access to University Information for Student Groups form.
  2. Upon approval from the owner of the requested data (UMDHR, UMD Office of the Registrar, ITSS), Kirby Student Center will submit the data request to ITSS on behalf of the student organization.
  3. Student organizations are responsible for any related costs to obtain the data.

Note: Student Groups do not have access to:

  • Send targeted or general mass emails
  • Private student or employee data

An External Customer

  1. Submit a Public Records Request with the University of Minnesota

NOTE: External customers do not have access to:

  • Send mass emails
  • Private student or employee data

All custom development time is billable at the current ITSS Programming rate.

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