Managed Print Services

Managed print services for both Windows and Mac platforms ensures consistent, reliable printing for faculty and staff in departments and offices.  Services include device consultation, network configuration, desktop technical support, printer maintenance (limited) and secure technology recycling.  

For students, managed pay-per-print service is offered in student computing labs across campus, providing quick, easy access to affordable printing.

Service Offerings

Managed Department Printing (primary)

  • Printing from a University-managed device to a managed network printer via a wired connection (wireless connections are not supported)
  • Recommended solutions for list of supported printers
  • Print queues for Windows (AD) and Mac (JAMF) computers
  • No charge

Managed Student Printing (primary)

  • Uniprint:  Printing from a student computing lab or personal computer to a lab printer
  • Pay-per-print service

Unmanaged Printing (limited)

  • Printing from a personal or unmanaged University device to any printer.
  • Printing to a personal or unmanaged University printer from any device.
  • First 15 minutes free, then billed at our regular hourly rate

Consultation & Specialized Support

  • Consultation on printing needs, recommended hardware, network configuration.
  • Advanced configuration of devices (audit codes, others?)
  • Setup and configuration of specialized devices (plotters, thermal printers)
  • First 15 minutes free, then billed at our regular hourly rate

Maintenance (limited)

  • Repair of University-owned HP Enterprise desktop printers
  • Billed at our regular hourly rate

Technology Recycling

  • Secure wipe and recycle of University-owned desktop printers
  • Billed at our regular hourly rate

Unsupported Services

  • Consumables (paper, toner)
  • Physical installation of printers
  • Configuration, maintenance or recycling of multifunction printers (these are vendor-supplied services)

User Eligibility

  • Managed and Unmanaged Print Services are available to current students, faculty and staff.  
  • Consultation and Specialized Support are available to departments on request.
  • Maintenance and Technology Recycling are available for University-owned desktop printers.

Service Availability

  • On-site support is available from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays.  
  • After hours support is available through the TechCenter until 6:00 pm Monday – Thursday during the academic year, excluding University holidays and semester breaks.


Current rates may be found at: ITSS Rates

Request Support

ITSS TechCenter  [Hours]
Call:         218.726.8847
Email:      [email protected]
Walk-in:  Kirby Plaza 165  


Service Manager

Sally Bradt, ITSS Manager
[email protected]