Application Development & Support Services

Application development and support services designs, develops, and supports applications for campus units to meet their specific business needs. The applications that can be requested include web applications, mobile applications, and sometimes standalone applications. The Services includes working with customers defining business requirements, designing and developing the code, testing the code, deploying to production, and maintaining and supporting the application operation.

ITSS uses an agile practice named Scrum to manage the application design and development process. The practice has frequent Sprint planning and reviews between the development team and customers, i.e. product owners, to clearly prototype and define what customers expect, absorb customers inputs and changes as early as possible, and provide early phase testing opportunities to solicit customers feedback and familiarize them with the final product.


Service Offerings

Application development and support services provides the following:

  • Help customer define and document needs and requirements
  • Design and code the application
  • Help customer define and perform test cases
  • Environment setup and deployment
  • Maintain and support the application in compliance with the University of Minnesota Information Security Policy


User Eligibility

Collegiate and administrative units from Duluth and other system campuses.



Service Availability

Application development and support services will be available during normal working hours.

Service requests and issues will be responded to in 1-2 business days.

Planned outages will be communicated to application owners in advance.



ITSS will provide a no-cost estimate following initial project consultation and analysis.

Application owners will be charged at the ITSS Consulting/Programming rate for actual time worked on application design and development up to the maximum estimated cost.  Requests for enhancements outside of the original scope of the project will be billed for the additional time worked.


Request Support

Please visit the ITSS website to get started:


Service Manager

Name: Kevin Wu
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 218-726-8842