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Past rates and fees [ 2015-20162014-2015 ]

ITSS Rates and Fees for 2016-2017

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Personnel & Service Rates

Audio Visual Equipment
Equipment Checkout no charge
Maintenance & Repair $ 53.50 per hour for professional staff
$ 26.75 per hour for student staff
Parts billed at cost
Computer Equipment Maintenance & Repair $ 52.00 per hour for University equipment
$ 60.00 per hour for student equipment
See detailed rates list
Consulting/Programming $ 53.50 per hour
Database Queries  $ 53.50 per hour
Document Imaging Support $ 53.50 per hour
Electronic File Transferring $ 53.50 per hour
Evaluations and Test Scoring
Classroom test scoring and course evaluation processing no charge
Additional forms purchased from Bookstore
File Restore from Backup $ 53.50 per hour
Interactive Television and Videoconferencing Support
Classroom Rental
NEAT Members $ 0.00 reciprocity grant
Educational Use (Class, Colloquium, Continuing Education) $ 18.00 per hour
Videoconferencing Meetings, Webcasts, Webinars $ 30.00 per hour
Other UM Use (Meetings, etc) $ 30.00 per hour
ITV Classroom Use for Non ITV/Non Videoconferencing Purposes $ 18.00 per hour
Label Printing $ 0.60 per sheet of 30 labels
for example: $ 20.00 per 1000 labels 
Multimedia Hub Development and Support (Additional charge for materials @ cost)
University Support paid by EFS $ 53.50 per hour for professional staff
$ 26.75 per hour for student staff
Non-University Support $ 60.00 per hour for professional staff
$ 30.00 per hour for student staff
Network Installation (Add, Move, Change) $ 73.40 per hour
Set Up of Class Lists no charge
Surveillance Maintenance - Labor $ 80.40 per hour
Systems & Server Labor $ 53.50 per hour
Server Services Managed by ITSS $ 107.00 per month
Managed Server $ 1,284.00 annually
Telephone (Add, Move, Change) $ 73.40 per hour
Faculty/Staff Department Long-Distance Call Rate:
Weekday, Evening and Weekend $ .06 per min
International Long-Distance Rates
(Currently not available, rates are being reviewed)
ITSS Sponsored Workshops for faculty and staff No charge
Department requested training
email amevans@d.umn.edu
to be arranged
Web Site Development $ 53.50 per hour 

Student Basic Access and Computer Lab Access Rates and Fees

(includes Technology Fee beginning Fiscal Year 2016)

Basic Access to Public Workstations and Email with 500 Meg Disk Storage (Currently Enrolled Students at UMD)
Fee for UMD Collegiate Units and Continuing Education during Fall and Spring Semesters
6 or more credits $ 85.25 per semester
less than 6 credits $ 42.63 per semester
Fee for UMD Collegiate Units and Continuing Education during Summer Semester
3 or more credits $ 42.63 per semester
less than 3 credits $ 21.32 per semester
College in the Schools (CITS) and Post-Secondary Education Opportunity (PSEO) $ 6.00 per course
Computer Network Access for Continuing Education students registering for special credit registration courses $ 6.00 per credit
Full Technology Access Fee with 500 MB Disk Storage
(currently enrolled UMD students)
$ 74.00 per semester
Daily Access to Labs
(students enrolled in current academic semester)
$ 6.00 per day
Two-Week Lab Access
(currently enrolled UMD students and special UMD programs)
$ 20.00
Lab Reservations see Library room reservations  

Note: Faculty may reserve a teaching computer laboratory for one class session per semester without students having to pay the lab fee. Classes that pay the lab fee will have priority. Classes that use the labs more than once in a semester must require all students enrolled in the course to pay the lab fee. Access to the computer labs for faculty for instructional or course development purposes for a class taught in the labs is free. 

Additional Disk Space $ 6.00 per 100 MB
Printing - Black and White - 8 1/2" x 11" $ 0.05 per page
Printing - Black and White - 11" x 17" $ 0.20 per page
Printing - Color - 8 1/2" x 11" $ 1.00 per page
Printing - Color - 11" x 17" $ 2.50 per page