Hosting Services

Hosting Services SLA

Hosting Services provides professionally managed servers (virtual and physical) and database
environments for University academic and administrative units. Hosting Services provides valued, cost-
effective hosting technology, including servers, databases, and web hosting that are maintained and
managed by University Information Technology professionals. This includes maintaining and managing
the infrastructure, operating system, storage, backups, security, and patching.
For hosts, databases, and sites that contain private highly-restricted data or private data, or are
classified with a higher security level based on the University policy identifying security level, ITSS will
assist units in staying within compliance in accordance with the University policy and other state or
federal statutory requirements.

Service Offerings

Hosting Services provides professionally managed technology in support of the following:
● Fully managed server hosting
● Self-managed environment (SME)
● Database hosting
● Physical server delegation
● Server and database data backup and restoration

Out of Scope

Virtual machines requiring large amounts of memory, processors, and disk are out of scope, see limits
● Processors: 2
● Memory: 8GB
● Disk: 256GB
Physical servers needed by departments will be purchased by collegiate and non-collegiate units with
input from the service owner and service team. Management of applications, services, web content, and
isolated database content is out of scope for the service.
Hosting services provides up to 256GB storage for database and web hosting.

User Eligibility

Collegiate and administrative units from Duluth campus.

Service Availability

Hosting Services are architected to be available at all times with the exception of scheduled
maintenance periods by the platform teams. The target service availability is set at 99%. Staff are
available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
Staff are on call for after-hours emergencies affecting production and mission-critical systems. ITSS will
send out communications should any system abnormalities arise. Users are also encouraged to report
system abnormalities to ITSS to help speed up the process.


A one time charge at the ITSS rate will be applied to the service requester for the first time setup of a
server/database. Servers will have a monthly recurring 2 hours charge at the ITSS rate to cover the
computing resources and labor needed to keep the server in operation. This fee is to support systems
administrator efforts in server monitoring, tuning, patching, upgrading, troubleshooting, scanning, log
management, etc. The bill will be sent at the first month of each quarter.

Request Support

Call ITSS Help Desk:  218-726-8847
Email:  [email protected]
Walk-in:  Kirby Plaza 165

Service Manager

Name: Kevin Wu
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 218-726-8842