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TechCenter Helpdesk

The TechCenter Helpdesk provides assistance with computer repair & support, passwords, network access, email access, and more.

Phone:(218) 726-8847
Email:[email protected]
Visit:Kirby Plaza 165
Hours:TechCenter Helpdesk Hours

Media Hub

Phone:(218) 726-6087
Email:[email protected]

Checkout: Kirby Plaza 165  

CoLab: Kirby Plaza 173

Hours:Media Hub Hours

Academic Technology Support

Learning Technology Consultants provide assistance with technologies and tools to enhance, adapt or transform the student learning experience.

Phone:(218) 726-8847
Email:[email protected]
Visit:Academic Technology Services and Sessions

Billing Assistance

Phone:(218) 726-7587
Email:[email protected]
Visit:ITSS Main Office
Kirby Plaza 386
Hours:Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Kirby Plaza 386
1208 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812-3095
Accounts:Central System Account Type

Services & Locations

ITSS Main Office:Kirby Plaza 386
ITSS TechCenter Help Desk:Kirby Plaza 165
Media Hub:Kirby Plaza 165 & 173
Computer Labs:Computer Lab Locations

Contact Information

Following is contact information for some of our most frequently requested services. For a complete listing of ITSS services and contacts, please check ITSS Department Directory.

Main Office:Kirby Plaza 3868:00am - 4:30pm(218) 726-7587
Help Desk:TechCenter, Kirby Plaza 165Help Desk Hours(218) 726-8847
Computer Maintenance:TechCenter, Kirby Plaza 165Computer Maintenance Hours(218) 726-6222
AV Equipment Checkout:TechCenter, Kirby Plaza 165AV Equipment Checkout Hours(218) 726-6222
Computer Labs:Computer LabsComputer Lab HoursLab phones
Media Hub:TechCenter, Kirby Plaza 165Media Hub Hours(218) 726-6087

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