iOS Fleet Management Service

The JAMF Pro iOS Management and Application Deployment Service allows departments to centrally manage iPad fleets for instructional or departmental use. This specialized service is only available for iPads that are purchased through the UMD Bookstore's Institutional account and is a fee-based service.

Service Offerings

JAMF Pro iOS Management:

Devices are purchased through the UMD Bookstore's Institutional account and can then be automatically enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) as a "fleet". A fleet is defined as a set of iPads that have the same management configuration settings (password requirements, login time out, access restrictions, application suite, etc.); minimum number of devices per fleet is six (6). One JAMF Pro iOS license (annual fee) is required for each device in a fleet.

Application Deployment:

Through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), ITSS will purchase and deploy available applications to a specified fleet of iPads. The applications will be managed through the VPP but are owned by the department. For-pay applications will be billed back to the department at cost.


Each iPad fleet will be managed and billed as a separate entity.

ITSS Service / ItemFee (ITSS Rates)
JAMF Pro iOS license$7 / device (annual fee)
Enrollment & configuration of fleetFlat rate of 2 hours (annual fee)
Application installationHourly rate (minimum of ½ hour) + cost of application
Additional work as requested by clientHourly rate (minimum of ½ hour)
Re-configuration / re-deployment of compromised deviceHourly rate (minimum of ½ hour)
Maintenance / repair of compromised deviceHourly rate (minimum of ½ hour)

Department Responsibilities

Department is responsible for:

  • Ordering and purchasing iPads through the UMD Bookstore's Institutional account, including the cost of any additional hardware warranties. (NOTE: Only devices purchased in this manner may be auto managed using DEP and are eligible for this service.)
  • Hardware maintenance, repair and/or replacement costs.
  • Researching and developing the list of applications to be deployed and paying for any fee-based applications. Notes about applications:
    • Some apps are not available for multi distribution, solely at the discretion of the developer.
    • Some apps are only available via "In-App" purchase and are not available via JAMF Pro.
  • Providing a User Agreement to the department or class for each device. [ Sample ]
  • Deploying the devices to the department or class. (On request, ITSS will provide one staff member to assist and answer questions during the initial deployment.)

Requesting Support

Support is available during business hours at the ITSS TechCenter:

ITSS TechCenter  [Hours]
Call: 218-726-8847
Email: [email protected]
Walk-in: Kirby Plaza 165

Service Owner

Sally Bradt, ITSS Manager
Email: [email protected]
Office: 218-726-8856