Learn how to recognize and report information security incidents.

Join us for and informal, open ended conversation and learning experience about teaching with video.

On the face of it, most people would agree that web accessibility is a good thing. But myths and misunderstandings exist.

You play a critical role in making sure your computer, phone, and other digital devices have the most up to date software and application patches.

#3ThingsWorthSharing for March 2023 - courtesy of ITSS Academic Technology and Course Design

Explore UMD's wireless presentation system and other classroom technologies.

Be on alert for investment, romance, and online shopping scams to make the most of social media safely and securely.

Accessibility eClasses start March 6.

Get help with everyday tasks such as reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching, and proofing written work.

The Academic Technology & Course Design team at ITSS shares some of their favorite teaching tips, technology hacks, and quotes.