Help UMD move closer to its goal of a more accessible community by pledging to turn on captions in your Zoom meetings.

Adam Brisk has accepted a permanent position with ITSS. Andy Blackwell, Matt Ellquist, Michael Lindau, and Phillip Klejwa, have joined us.

Accessibility eClasses start October 4.

Use Duo and be aware of new phishing techniques.

Every cloud has a silver lining if you're ready to act upon it.

September 15, 2021, marked the publication of issue 1,000 of the Web Design Update newsletter.

Gillian Grocke, Luke  Dahlgren, and Sharon Skeen joined ITSS.

Learn ways to help make your transition back to UMD smooth and secure.

A new semester brings new opportunities to learn about Academic Technology at UMD.

The ITSS Media Hub is launching new equipment, new spaces,  and lots of events this semester.