Faculty and instructional staff can earn a $300 stipend for completing training courses.

2 types of interactive displays have been installed in 9 classrooms. Learn all about them.

On January 19 all UMD faculty, staff, and students are invited to discuss the pledge and their experiences.

Get acquainted or reacquainted with classroom technology at 2 dropin sessions, January 10 and 11.

Get vacation security tips for mobile devices, Wi-Fi, public computers, social media, and more.

Celebrate by learning 10 facts about braille, including why braille is used on drive-through ATM buttons.

Don't forget we are going all-electronic this semester. Get details on UMD questions, access, time frame, and using class time.

Find out how people with disabilities use the web and the impact of web accessibility.

Get good deals without becoming a victim.

Find out about the timing, testing, what's new, and where to get more information on the upgrade.