Students, faculty, and staff now have access to JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion software for personally owned devices.

Classroom Technology Services plans to end Carousel support.

Starting June 8, 2022 local calls made using the UMD campus phone system will require users to dial 10-digits.

Learn how UMD General Purpose Classrooms will be upgraded to meet our standards.

We couldn't do it without you. Your service impacts all we do.

Engage in conversation, thinking, and learning about accessibility and inclusion in the University of Minnesota's  very 1st GAAD event.

Be on alert for investment, romance, and online shopping scams to make the most of social media safely and securely.

Use it for streaming panel and group presentations to online participants.

UMD students, faculty and staff now have access to Read&Write software, which has the capability to help improve learning for everyone regardless of ability or learning style.

ITSS is officially staying with electronic student course evaluations (SRT).