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The University of Minnesota has an extensive policy library that pertains to the University system. Additionally, UMD students, faculty and staff should be aware of the following policies, procedures and guidelines that are specific to the UMD campus. 

The purpose of these procedures is to describe special requirements for application management that apply on the UMD campus. The focus of these guidelines is larger applications that may store private University data, research data, or serve large numbers of internal customers.

Computers and other information technology resources are essential tools in accomplishing the University's mission. Information technology resources are valuable community assets to be used and managed responsibly to ensure their integrity, confidentiality, and availability for appropriate research, education, outreach and administrative objectives of the University of Minnesota. University community members are granted access to these resources in support of accomplishing the University’s mission.

The University of Minnesota Duluth is committed to providing equal access to learning resources. Our vision and campus goals compel us to create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice.

http://policy.umn.edu/operations/publicaccess When instructors find that tools provided by the University of Minnesota (UMN), including those provided by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), do not meet their instructional needs, they may consider using non-UMN applications and services. This document provides guidance to those instructors considering the use of non-UMN applications and services, as well as to those who are already using them.

UMD Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) provides local support for the Moodle enterprise course management system housed at the Twin Cities campus. This policy recognizes the role, access, and responsibilities of ITSS staff in providing this support.

The ITSS Data Center is vitally important to the ongoing operations of the University of Minnesota Duluth. The following policies and procedures are necessary to ensure the security and reliability of systems residing in the Data Center.

Procedure:  University of Minnesota Duluth

ITSS provides custom data set development to internal University personnel for business needs. Sources include the University enterprise systems, such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. 

Some examples of data that can be provided include:

  • Directory information
  • Email lists
  • Address labels
  • Data visualizations

Follow the instructions below according to your role to see how to get started.

When an employee is leaving the University, the employee and their supervisor should review the employee's digital data on all University systems.

UMD digital signs are to be reviewed and approved by UMD administration before being purchased and installed. The content must be managed through the centralized software system provided by the University of Minnesota Classroom Tech Services (CTS), to support our campus need for emergency notification. UMD Facilities Management must be consulted for location, placement, and building code review. UMD Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) will provide technology consulting services.

University of Minnesota Duluth Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) has the responsibility for administering University of Minnesota Duluth's web structure and internal web names. UMD uses the naming protocol of d.umn.edu/department or d.umn.edu/topic for web sites within the UMD d.umn.edu domain.

Guideline:  University of Minnesota Duluth

Use of Email Google Groups

umdbiz@d.umn.edu (events, facilities notices, etc) and free2depts@d.umn.edu (furniture and other free items)

UMD provides several large email lists for broadcasting messages to the campus. Email lists with large subscriptions have the potential to inconvenience a large number of people when they are misused. Please review and use these guidelines to help reduce inconvenience and annoyance.

Policy:  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life

Approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet on August 3, 2012

Responsibility for software purchasing is distributed to units at the University of Minnesota Duluth. These guidelines are intended to assist units in choosing, purchasing, installing, and securing software applications, including those offered by vendors in the cloud (that is, running on vendor servers rather than UMD or UM servers).

Recommended Solutions provides advice to the campus regarding acquisition of hardware and software.

The purpose of these procedures is to describe special requirements for server management that apply on the UMD campus.

The purpose of these procedures is to describe special requirements for end-user device management that apply on the UMD campus. The focus of these guidelines is desktop computers, laptop computers, or devices such as tablets or smart phones. Requirements apply to all University-owned equipment as well as personally-owned equipment used to access University data.