Third Party Application Integration & Support Services

Third Party Application Support and Integration Services helps campus stakeholders acquire appropriate third party solutions to support their businesses and support them for ongoing operation.

Service Offerings

Third Party Application Integration & Support Services provides the following:

  • Technical consulting and communication in solution acquisition phase
  • Design and code the data and authentication integrations
  • API integration
  • Help customer define and perform test cases
  • Environment setup and deployment
  • Maintain and support the application in compliance with the University of Minnesota Information Security Policy

User Eligibility

Collegiate and administrative units from Duluth and other system campuses.

Service Availability

  • Process development and support services will be available during normal working hours.
  • Service requests and issues will be responded to in 1-2 business days.
  • Planned outages will be communicated to application owners in advance.


ITSS will provide a no-cost estimate following initial project consultation and analysis.

Application owners will be charged at the ITSS Consulting/Programming rate for the actual amount of time worked on application development up to the maximum estimated cost. Requests for enhancements outside of the original scope of a project will be charged additionally.

Ongoing Maintenance

Each application will be charged quarterly to cover the cost of ongoing maintenance. Application owners will receive an annual maintenance estimate to assist with budgetary planning.

Some examples of our required maintenance tasks are listed below.

  • Monitor software and dependencies for security vulnerabilities
  • Apply security patches in a timely manner
  • Monitor software and dependencies for uptime and bugs
  • Apply bug fixes in a timely manner
  • Troubleshoot and resolve reported issues
  • Upgrade programming languages, frameworks, dependencies, and databases to supported versions
  • Adhere to all UMN and UMD governing policies and practices

Request Support

Please visit Application Development to get started.

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