Reporting & Analysis Services

Reporting and Analysis Services provides enterprise data retrieval and analysis services to the Duluth campus to meet their data needs in business operation and decision making.

Service Offerings

Reporting and Analysis Services provides the following:

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise data retrieval, analysis, and consulting
  • UM Analytics report design
  • Tableau report design
  • Departmental data retrieval & analysis (e.g. Facilities Management, RSOP)

Out of Scope

  • Private-Highly Restricted data as defined by University of Minnesota (PCI, PHI, Social Security #)
  • Data and reports that are not approved to be disclosed by data owners
  • Non-UMD enterprise data

User Eligibility

  • UMD Collegiate and administrative units
  • UMD researchers
  • UMD student organizations
  • External governmental organizations, e.g. federal, military, etc.
  • External requests for public directory information

Service Availability

Reporting & Analysis Services will be available during normal office hours.

Service requests will be responded to in 1-2 business days.


The Services are billable at ITSS rate based on the actual time spent on the request in 15 minutes increments.

Request Support

Please visit the ITSS Data Requests website to submit a request.

Service Manager