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Classroom Clickers for Instructors

TurningPoint Cloud Instructor kit includes self-help guide, USB receiver and clicker

TurningPoint Cloud for Instructors

The Student Response System (SRS) allows instructors to pose questions and gather students' responses during a lecture. Student response systems are also commonly referred to as clickers, classroom response systems, personal response systems, or audience response systems.

Benefits to Instructors

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to work with any application
  • Plug and play hardware set-up
  • Available for Smart Phones as well as SRS devices
  • Integrated class lists from Moodle
  • Display of charts and graphs of user answers
  • Scoring Distribution, Statistical, and Percentile reports
  • Ability to merge multiple sessions into one comprehensive report
  • Automatic creation of participant rosters
  • Ability to support negative point values
  • Software does not need to be installed; it can be directly downloaded and saved to an external drive

Getting Started 

TurningPoint Cloud Accounts

A Turning Account license is mandatory for each instructor and student participant whether a clicker or a mobile device is used as a response device. Instructor accounts are free, student account licenses are purchased at the UMD Bookstore.  Stand-alone licenses and license/clicker packages are available. A ResponseWare license for mobile devices is also included with a Turning Account license.

It is advised to use your UMD email address to create or your Turning Account.

Create or login to your Turning Account (opens in new window).  

TurningPoint Cloud Software

Instructors need TurningPoint Cloud software to create PowerPoint presentations embedded with TPC interactive slides, run TPC sessions and integrate data with Moodle. 

  • Turning Point Cloud 7.5 has been tested with Moodle 3.2. TP8.2 is available for download but has not 
  • To download the software, log into your TurningPoint Cloud Account, see link above.
  • Select Downloads from the left-side menu.
  • Click the appropriate link for your operating system and follow the instructions for download.


Instructors can allow clickers, mobile devices or both as student response devices. Instructors will need the following hardware to successfully use TPC in the classroom

  • A computer or laptop. TurningPoint Cloud is designed to function on most computers, however, there are some basic hardware and software requirements. View technical requirements (opens in new window).
  • The use of clickers requires a USB receiver plugged into an instructor's presentation computer. TIP: Instructors can use an TurningPoint 5 USB receiver, but will be prompted to allow a firmware update, an updated USB receiver will no longer run TurningPoint 5.
  • TPC Instructor kits that include one clicker, a USB receiver and quick-guide flip book are available from ITSS at no cost. Email to request a kit.
  • The use of mobile devices require that the student uses the ResponseWare App or the web site (opens in new window). No additional Instructor hardware is needed to use ResponseWare, however you have to set and enable ResponseWare, which runs off WiFi, in your TurningPoint Cloud Dashboard and give students a Session ID generated for each presentation session.

Create a Moodle Registration Link in your Course Site

Directions for your Students

Direct students to the Classroom Clickers for UMD Students web page to learn how to create a Turning Account, purchase an account license, register their clicker and link to Moodle. 

Be sure to tell your students where the Turning Account Registration link is located in your Moodle course site.

Moodle Integration

Creating Content and Running PowerPoint Polling

TIP: When some instructors create interactive slides they enter in the question, enter in the choices, but they forget to “click outside the box” prior to to setting points,  indicating the correct answer, or adding objects such as the correct answer indicator, countdown timers, etc.  This is a key step as it does set the slides and allow the graphing area to generate. Failing to do this step can cause the charts to not display correctly, not display at all, or not populate correctly. 

TIP: If an instructor is using TurningPoint 5 slides or pre-built SRS slides from another source (i.e. a publisher), you can make slides interactive in TPC by inserting a chart type into the slide you wish to make interactive, then follow the steps to set correct answers and add optional objects.  

Canvas Integration

TurningPoint has passed all the technical and security checks and has been approved to be implemented into UMN Canvas. It was noted that it will be ready by the start of the Fall 2018 semester, but a date was not provided.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon. 

Anywhere Polling

The Quick Poll feature in Anywhere Polling allows you to ask verbal questions with the option of polling on top of an application such as a Keynote presentation, a PDF, Word document or web page.

Creating Question Lists

For Anywhere Polling and Self-Paced Polling, content is created through question lists. PowerPoint Polling can also utilize the question lists, but question slides are usually created directly through the TurningPoint Cloud ribbon embedded in PowerPoint.

A question list is a file that contains questions and answers. The question list can be used for PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling and Self-Paced Polling. When creating the question list, the preferences can be saved and used as a template for other question lists.

Learn how to create question lists in TurningPoint Cloud (opens in new window).

Connecting to ResponseWare

Instructions for setting-up and using ResponseWare are available in the ResponseWare for Presenters Quick Start Guide (opens in new window).

Note: students are still required to have a Turning Account license with ResponseWare. If a student participates without a Turning Account license their score will show as asterisk in all participant reports. 

Additional Resources

Contact Support

Technical support is available to faculty members directly from the Student Response System vendor, Turning Technologies. To contact Turning Technologies, please call 1-866-746-3015 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST or email For all other SRS-related questions, please contact the ITSS HelpDesk at 218-726-8847 or


What if my students already have a "clicker", do they still need an account license?

Yes, all participants will need to buy a license IF you are tracking the student's results.

If I poll anonymously, will students need Turning Accounts? 

No, Turning Accounts are only necessary for for participants being tracked in TurningPoint.

Can my students share a clicker?

No, students may not share a clicker. Clickers are registered to student accounts.