UMD Google Groups

Google Groups is UMD's solution for email lists. Groups is also a great way to manage sharing and permissions in Google Drive, send Google Calendar invites, and more.

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Recommendations from ITSS

When you create a new Google Group, the UMN Service Desk will send you an email detailing your default settings. Read this carefully! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UMD ITSS Help Desk at 218-726-8847 or email [email protected] We will talk you through settings and are glad to schedule a time to meet with you in person.

ITSS recommends you pay special attention to the following settings:

Determine who can view your emails and join your group

Under Permissions -> Basic Permissions: double check who can View topics, Post, and Join the group

Often times, these settings will be set to "All organization members". That means anyone at UMD could view your emails! If you don't want that, make sure "All organization members" gets unchecked.

The Basic permissions section is also where you will find the option to "Allow members external to this organization". You will need to check this box if your Google Group includes anyone from another UMN campus or with an email address not managed by the UMD.

Determine who can find your Group

Under Information -> Directory there is an option to "List this group in the directory".

Under 'Information' option, find 'Directory'

Uncheck the box if you would like your group to remain private.

Turn off archiving

Archiving is a feature that will retain copies of emails and make them accessible through the Google Groups website. There are a few cases where this feature might be handy (public email lists such as free2depts for example) but in most cases, ITSS recommends disabling archiving.

Find this setting under Information -> Content control and uncheck "Archive messages to the group".

Under 'Information' option, find 'Content Control'