1:Button Studios: Spring Appointments & Open Houses

Explore these video recording spaces in 3 different ways.

UMD has a great resource in the 1:Button Studios found in Kathryn A. Martin Library (KAML) 142 and Kirby Plaza (KPLZ) 174.

What are 1:Button Studios?

They are quiet, well-lit studios fitted with a camera, mic, laptop cables, and automated recording software. They lend themselves to:

  • Videos that benefit from picture-in-picture
  • Chapter and unit introductions
  • Vignettes and blurbs on a topic
  • Demonstrating solutions to a problem
  • Drawing maps, timelines, molecules, equations, etc.

Both KPLZ 174 and KAML 142 rooms offer video, audio, and laptop screen capture. KAML 142 features a clear "learning glass" for annotation. (ITS SO COOL).

Explore Them in 3 Different Ways

ITSS is happy to share 3 different options to explore a OneButton Studio.

1. Get an Assist

We are offering guided tours/demonstrations on the following days:

ITSS MediaHub staff will be on hand to demonstrate setup, features, post-production tools, and answer any questions you might have.

2. Go Your Own Way

Book or reserve time in either room right now in Kirby Plaza 174 or KAML 142.

3. Find a Time that Works for You

Can't make it to the above events? Setup an appointment/consultation with the MediaHub at [email protected]