1:Button Studio, Automated Video Recording Space

1:Button Studios are fully automated high-definition video recording spaces with professional studio lighting and sound equipment. They are set up to record high-quality video projects without the user needing any knowledge of lights, microphones, and cameras. These studios can make academic video production easy.

"What is the 1:Button Studio?" (Video without Audio Description)

A What is the 1:Button Studio?" Video with Audio Description is also available.



1. Reserve a studio online and pick up the key

3. Record Your Video

Students, faculty, and staff can record themselves and content displayed on a laptop . 

4. Receive Your Recordings

Once you are done with your recording, an email is automatically created and sent. The email provides links to video content in four different formats

  1. Camera only
  2. Laptop or other device only
  3. Side-by-side camera and device
  4. Device with small picture-in-picture of camera

"What is the 1:Button Studio?" (Video with Audio Description)

Instructions for activating the Audio Description (AD):

  1. Press play on the video.
  2. Press the AD icon to turn the description on and off.
  3. Press the AD sliders icon to equalize the volume.
  4. Press the AD volume icon to mute AD.
  5. Use the AD volume slider to change the volume of the description independently from the volume of the YouTube video.
  6. Use the YouTube volume slider to change the volume of the background music or use the YouTube mute button to mute it.
  7. For more information on AD visit Audio Description Service.