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Computer Labs

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Access Levels/Costs

ITSS offers 2 computer lab access levels, basic and full.

Basic Access Computers
are available for use by all currently-enrolled students, staff, and faculty.
Full Access Technology Fee
Full access to a variety of resources including computer labs, virtualized software, online support, and flipped classroom technology enhancements.

Listings of classes that pay the full access technology fee and have that fee automatically charged to them are available. The software in both Basic and Full Windows and Mac labs is listed on the lab software page.

Enrolled students can purchase full access by going to UMD Stores, paying the fee shown below, and bringing the receipt to the ITSS TechCenter in Kirby Plaza 165. The TechCenter will create a request ticket, and your access will be set up by the next working day.

Full Technology Access Via UMD Stores
Duration Amount
One Day $6.00
Two Weeks $20.00
Semester or Summer $74.00

Faculty and Teaching Assistants have full lab access if they are teaching a class that meets in a lab.

Lab Reservations

For-credit courses that pay the full access technology fee:

Instructors of for-credit classes that already pay the full access technology fee can reserve computer labs outside of their usual assignment by following the instructions on the room scheduling web page.

For any other credit course or any non-credit internal event:

These special events should contact the library about renting their computer lab KAML 116. Please refer to the Kathryn A. Martin Library lab rental page.

You may also contact ITSS about using our Active Learning Sandbox in Kirby Plaza 175, which has a ChromeCart (a laptop cart with 28 ChromeBooks). There is no charge for this. Please email

Non-university events:

Please go through the library for non-university events.