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Touch Free Printing

You can print touch free with the following method:

  • Upload your print job to MyPrintCenter.
  • From a mobile device use the Pharos Print app (server, port 443). You can download the app from your phone's app store. Log into the app with your UMD username and password.

UCard has a way to manage funds so that you don't have to go to a machine to pay. Use the GET app.

Using the GET app, you can manage your UMD campus card accounts, including adding money to your card without going to a machine. Please note that it will take approximately 15-20 minutes after you add money to your card for the first time for it to register in the printing system. 

How to Print (Black and White)

From a Lab Computer

Choose Print from the File menu, or press Control P (Windows) or Command (⌘) P (Mac).

From Your Device (laptop, tablet, phone) or From a Lab Computer

  • Attach what you want to print to an email (from your UMD email address)
  • Upload it at your print center.

From Your Mobile Device

  • Use the Pharos Print app:
    • Server
    • Port 443

How to Print (Color)

To print simple color 8½ by 11inch pages, from your device (laptop, tablet, phone) or from a lab computer:

  • Attach what you want to print to an email (from your UMD email address).
  • Send to [email protected] as an attachment. No subject line is necessary.
  • Color printer is located in the library on the counter at the ITSS consultant station.

For complex color printing jobs, please consult the UMD Print Shop, Kirby Plaza 125.

In All Situations

You will:

  • Receive an email when the job is ready to print (within a couple minutes).
  • Have 2 options:
    1. Print the job at the printer by swiping your Ucard.
    2. Click the email link, which brings you to your personal print center. Print from there without swiping your card.

Please Note

  • Cost is deducted from your card automatically. For details please consult How to Pay.
  • Jobs delete after two hours in the queue.
  • You will only see your own print jobs in the queue.

The old method of installing printer and drivers on your device no longer works.

Paying for Printing


  • Black and White: $.05 per page
  • Color: $1 per page

How to Pay

You can pay in via 2 different ways: Ucard or GET App.

1. Ucard

You can your UCard to pay. You cannot print without money on your UCard. UMD cash cards are not accepted. When you put money on your Ucard, there will be a delay before it is available for printing (up to 30 minutes). Put money on your Ucard at any cash-to-card machine. They are located in the following places:

  • First floor library
  • Kirby food court level by the ATMs
  • Swenson Science Building by room 105 near the skywalk

2. GET App

UCard has a way to manage funds so that you don't have to go to a cash-to-card machine to pay. Use the GET app. Download the GET mobile App from Itunes or the Google play store.

Printer Locations

General Student Printing
Buliding Location Printer Name(s)
Bohannon Hall VenDen venden-1
Engineering Computer Lab, Room 204 engr204-1
James I. Swenson Science Building (JISSB) office atrium ssbatrium-1
Kathryn A. Martin Library First Floor lib150-1, lib150-2, and lib150-3
Kathryn A. Martin Library Second Floor lib250-1 and lib250-2
Kathryn A. Martin Library Third Floor Lib350-1
Kirby Plaza Computer Lab, Room 143 kplz143-1
Kirby Plaza ITSS TechCenter, Room 165 kplz165-1
Kirby Student Center Info Desk kscinfo-1
Kirby Student Center Multicultural Center, Room 262 ksc262-1
Lake Superior Hall Lobby lsh-1
Marshall W Alworth Hall Room 175 mwah175-1
Montague Hall Computer Lab, Room 209 mon209-1
Solon Campus Center Wedge Hallway cctr41-1
Sports and Health Center Jamar Lab, Room 162A sphc162A-1
Sports and Health Center Skating Rink, Room 195C sphc195c-1
College or Department Locations with Printers for Their Enrolled Students
College or Department Buliding Location Printer Name(s)
Civil Engineering Swenson Civil Engineering Building (SCiv) Room 224 sciv224-1
Computer Science Heller Hall Room 314 hh314-1
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Chester Park Room 155 chpk155-1
Geology Heller Hall Room 108 hh108-1
Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) LSBE Room 119 lsbe119-1
Pharmacy Life Sciences Room 162 pharmcommon-1
Pharmacy Life Sciences Room 216 pharmpclc-1

Other Printing Options

The UMD Print Shop offers an assortment of printing services.

Need Help?

  • Problems?
    • Visit the TechCenter in Kirby Plaza 165 or the first floor library desk.
  • Need a new Ucard?
  • Need complex color printing or design and layout help?