FileVault Encryption

FileVault is a full-disk encryption feature for Apple macOS devices. All University-owned computers are required to have FileVault enabled. Encryption does not impact performance. Just log in and use your Mac as you normally would.

Screenshot: 'Your administrator requires that you enable Filevault' prompt

If you are prompted to enable FileVault, click Enable Now.

Screenshot: Enabling FileVault on your volume.

When FileVault is enabled, an encryption key is generated and securely synced to Jamf Pro. This key can be used to help users in the future with certain device issues.

If you see the prompt below, your encryption key needs to be re-synchronized to keep Jamf Pro up to date. Click Next to continue.

Screenshot: ITSS FileVault Encryption Key prompt

Users that already have had encryption enabled will still need to have their encryption key synchronized with JAMF. Users in this situation will not have to re-encrypt, however will be prompted to do the following steps.

Enter the Password as prompted.

Screenshot: 'Encryption Key Escrow' prompt

If successful, you will see the following message:

Screenshot: 'Thank you! Your File Vault key has been escrowed'

If you are unable to re-synchronize this way, please contact the ITSS Helpdesk