Mac FileVault2 Encryption

  1. Beginning on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 your Mac will receive a policy update from JAMF to initiate FileVault2 encryption on the next reboot.  The reboot will be required in order to be compliant with the policy.  During the reboot process, you will see this pop-up and be requested to press the "Enable Now." If you hit "Cancel" it will take you back to this pop-up.

    Your administrator requires that you enable FileVault.
  2. While filevault is in the process of encrypting your hard drive this first time, your Mac may run a bit more slowly. We recommend that you keep your Mac plugged in and on during this process. If you have to shut down, the encryption will pick up where it left off, but this will just prolong the initial encryption process.
    Please Note: Once the drive encryption is done, there is no performance or speed reduction for encrypted drives and you will not have to do anything differently when logging in or using your Mac.
    Enabling FileVault on your volume.
  3. While the filevault encryption process is running, or once it is completed, you can go to the "Security & Privacy" in  System Preferences... to check on the status. The recovery key will be automatically stored in the ITSS JAMF database if it is needed in the future.
Security & Privacy system prefs
Users that already have had encryption enabled will still need to have their encryption key synchronized with JAMF.  Users in this situation will not have to re-encrypt, however will be prompted to do the following steps.
When you see the below prompt, you know the process has begun.  Click Next to continue.
Encryption Key Escrow
Enter the Password as prompted.
Please enter the password you use to log in to your Mac
If Successful, the user will see the following message:
Thank you! Your FileVault Key has been escrowed
Syncing the encryption key with JAMF takes about 30 seconds.