Read&Write Tools, Part 3

Study Skills and Research Tools

This 3rd article in the Read&Write (R&W) Tools series presents some of R&W's study skills and research tools. Part 1 presents reading tools and part 2 presents writing and self-editing tools.

Highlights & Erase Highlights

Icon: Highlighters

Highlighting is similar to highlighting print-based documents but better. It allows you to highlight and color code sections of text on a page, to facilitate summarizing, categorizing and higher order skills.

Erase highlights from a page when you are done with them, by selecting highlights and clicking the Erase icon.

Vocabulary List

Icon: Vocabulary List

Builds vocabulary lists in a Word doc, including selected words, dictionary definitions, images from Widgit Symbols, and an editable notes column. Use colored highlighters to select words, then select or click icon to generate vocabulary list in a new Word doc.