Windows Software Center: Read&Write Install

1. Open the Software Center.

On Windows 10 click or activate the Windows button in your toolbar.

Screenshot: Windows Button

In the search bar, type "Software Center".

Screenshot: Type 'Software Center'

A best match option will appear. Click or select the Software Center App.

Screenshot: Software Center App is the best match.

The Software Center will open.

2. Install the software.

In the Software Center, click or select the Read&Write 12 application.

Screenshot: Read&Write 12 Application in the software center. Select it.

Click or activate the Install button.

Screenshot: Select the Install button.

You will get an installing message. When installation is complete, the button will turn into an option to uninstall.

3. Activate the software.

After the install is complete, you will need to activate the software. Click the Windows Icon in your toolbar. A Read&Write icon should be listed near the top in the Recently Added section. Click or activate it.

Screenshot: Windows icon in the toolbar. Read&Write listed in 'Recently Added'.

Read&Write will launch minimized on your screen. Click or select the minimized icon to open the activation options webpage where you will sign in.

Screenshot: RW minimized Icon.

4. Sign in

Read&Write sign in options will appear on the webpage. The text will read, "Hi there! Since this is the first time you've used Read&Write for Windows, we need you to authorize with one of these providers: Google, Microsoft, My Workplace email, Use Take Home Code, Show More. We take your data security seriously. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Select "Sign in with Google". Enter your full email address to authenticate.

Screenshot: Sign in with Google.

5. The Read&Write toolbar should appear.

Screenshot: Toolbar

If it doesn't appear or you need help, call or stop by the ITSS TechCenter HelpDesk (218-726-8847, Kirby Plaza 165).

6. Enjoy using Read&Write!

For a tour of the toolbar watch the Windows Toolbar Video.