Course Evaluations

Going forward, all courses will be evaluated using the eXplorance Blue electronic course evaluation (Student Rating of Teaching) tool through the Office of Measurement Services (OMS) in the Twin Cities.

Benefits include:

  • An automated process*: no more worrying about whether or not you requested an evaluation from ITSS.
  • Real-time viewing of response rates through the eXplorance Blue dashboard
  • Easy online access to results of your evaluations: no need to search through your email
  • Increased privacy: these results will be distributed directly to the faculty member, who may choose who else to distribute them to

eXplorance Blue delivers the results in the same manner as our current process (confidentially, directly to the instructor), but at a great reduction in staff time and expense. This decision was made in cooperation with faculty and administrative groups. The online evaluation form will be used for Fall 2021. It is the same as in past years.

*Courses Not Automatically Evaluated

The following list of courses are not automatically evaluated using the online course evaluation process. If instructors would like courses in these categories evaluated, they should reach out to their departmental evaluation contact, who can make that request.

  • 8666 Doctoral Pre-thesis Credits
  • 8777 Thesis Credits: Masters
  • 8888 Thesis Credits: Doctoral
  • xx91 Independent Study
  • xx92 Directed Reading
  • xx93 Directed Study
  • xx94 Research
  • xx96 Field Study
  • xx97 Internship/Externship
  • xx98 Used for Internships

Response Rates

If you have concerns about response rates, the Office of Measurement Services has put together a document about increasing response rates for online evaluations.


All evaluations will end on the last day of class at 11:59 pm. Evaluations shall be conducted during the last two weeks of classes for Fall and Spring terms.

Summer Completely Online courses will be evaluated on the following schedule:

Course Length Data Collection Window
83 days or longer The last 14 days of instruction
5-82 days

The last 25% of the class instruction time

4 days or fewer The last day of instruction

Accessing Your Course Evaluations

Students can go to the eXplorance Blue Dashboard to see all courses currently open for data collection.

Instructors can check response rates by going to the eXplorance Blue Dashboard.

OMS has put together this helpful information for instructors on improving response rates.


  • Students will receive email notifications from eXplorance Blue on the day data collection opens, in the middle, and shortly before the end
  • Instructors and departmental contacts receive an email when data collection opens
  • Instructors will be notified via email when reports are available 3 weeks after data collection ends
  • Instructors are notified via system email when reports are published

More Information

For more information, please contact Karen Haedtke at (218) 726-7587 or [email protected].