Managed Drupal Service

Drupal Services at UMD

ITSS manages a hosted Drupal service for the UMD campus as part of the University's Drupal service. The UMD hosted service is tailored to meet the branding and themes for UMD, as established by University Marketing and Public Relations and by taking advantage of the Folwell Design System

Requesting a Drupal site

Do you want to build a University website in Drupal? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Determine who will be your point person for the website creation.
  2. Contact the Drupal Migration Team:
    Send an email to [email protected] to schedule an initial consultation on building your site in Drupal.
  3. After your initial consultation, we will work with you to schedule a content inventory/information architecture.
  4. You and your site liaison will work out a plan and start to build out the site.


  • Drupal 101 Training: This training covers the basic skills needed to add content to a UMD website that has been created in Drupal. The training session is intended for users that will be adding or editing content on their Drupal website. Topics include adding new pages, editing existing pages, formatting text, working with images, and adding links. Visit for a current schedule. 
  • Website Information Architecture Workshop: Drupal staff will demonstrate a quick and easy way to create a site map and navigation flow chart, the first step in building a new site. In this training we'll demonstrate a low tech approach to gathering your current pages, re-organizing it into a structure, and converting it to a format that can be shared with a larger group. Contact the ITSS TechCenter HelpDesk to request this workshop.

Using consultants with Drupal

University units building sites in Drupal are able to hire consultants through University-wide contracts.  If you are considering hiring a consultant to design and/or build your Drupal site, please talk to ITSS staff before you begin. The University's version of Drupal is a fairly customized version and there are many variances in structure and functionality that consultants will need to know. If you are considering this option, please contact ITSS.


Additional training, self-help guides, and tools: