Living & Connecting on Campus

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Whether you live on campus or just come here for class, you’ll want to connect to the internet at some point. There are a few options:

Eduroam is the preferred wireless network for all University students, staff, and faculty. It provides a secure connection to the internet (no one with a wifi sniffer can see what you are doing), and uses the same access points as UMD-Wifi, so is available in all the same locations. Be sure to log in with your full email address.

UMD-Wifi is our authenticated (you need to log in or register as a guest) unencrypted network. If eduroam isn’t meeting your needs (for instance, on a shared device, or a gaming console), UMD-Wifi is an excellent option.

Wired connections are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more devices don’t even have ports for ethernet, and the wall jacks are an added expense for the University to maintain. If you have a situation that requires a wired connection please contact the ITSS Helpdesk (218-726-8847 or, and we will work with you to determine whether or not that is possible.