Wireless Access

As part of the University of Minnesota's system-wide Next Generation Project (NGN), UMD WiFi networks have changed. UMD now has two wireless service options available:

  • eduroam: secure WiFi access for current students, faculty and staff, for all University and personal computers and devices
  • UofM-Guest:  WiFi access for non-University guests and for IofT devices such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs


eduroam (education roaming) provides a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the wireless access point. eduroam is the secure WiFi access for current University students, faculty and staff.  Additionally, eduroam allows you to use your UMD WiFi authentication at any eduroam hotspot in the world and join instantly and securely.

Here are full instructions for connecting to the eduroam network, as well as troubleshooting steps.


UofM-Guest is the preferred network for guests at the University of Minnesota, including alumni and former University employees.

Here are instructions on connecting to UofM-Guest.

Alumni WiFi connection

If you're alumni or a former University employee and are having problems connecting to the UofM-Guest WiFi, please contact the ITSS TechCenter HelpDesk at 218-726-8847 and request a WiFi account reset.

Register an IoT device

Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g. gaming consoles, Smart TVs, etc.) do not have a web browser you can use to register it on the network.  For these devices, you can manually register the device on UofM-Guest.   For complete instructions, see:  Register a personal device for WiFi Access

Known device issues

Many devices designed to work easily on a home network don't mesh well with the type of network designed to be used by 10,000+ people. The UMD network is comprised of many subnets. Some devices require that they are on the same network subnet to communicate with each other; on our Enterprise wireless network, there's currently no way that we can guarantee that all of your devices will end up on or stay on the same subnet - even when in the same room. Sorry! Some of these include:

    • Apple AirPlay
    • Chromecast
    • Time Capsule
    • Wii's
    • PS4 - First Generation
    • Nintendo 3DS and 2DS - The DSes have struggled in the past. The older DSi's seem to work well, though.

Wireless Printers

Wireless printers broadcast a signal that conflicts with University of Minnesota networks, and can lead to poor service for everyone in the area near the printer. Instead, please connect to printers using a USB cable. Please disable your printer's WiFi to reduce the wireless networks and noise!

Personal Wired or Wireless Hubs or Routers

Because of the disruptions they cause, personal wired or wireless hubs and routers are not allowed on the University's network.

Recommended WiFi Adapters

We recommend dual band WiFi adapters as our wireless network supports AC wave 2 standards.  The dual band will give users a better overall experience.