Apps4U and BYOD

What Is Apps4U?

Apps4U is how students who have Access Plus access Windows lab software. Mac software is not available with Apps4U.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD means almost any device from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones. Using the VMWare Horizon App, Apps4U is available BYOD to students who have Access Plus and are connected to the Internet.

How to Access Lab Software

Students no longer need to be in a Windows lab to access the lab software. You can connect in 2 ways, either by 1.) VMWare Horizon app or 2.) VMware HTML Web Access which provides direct web access. No need to install any client software.

1. VMware Horizon app

Instructions to Get the VMWare Horizon Client

Install the VMWare Horizon client on your device. The app will ask for access to your phone. You will need to allow this for the Horizon Client to work.

How to Connect

  1. Open the Horizon client on your device. Note: Duo Two Factor Authentication is required to log into the Horizon Client.
  2. Use the following for the server address:
  3. Log in with your UMD username and password.
  4. Note: You will have access to the groups you belong to (e.g., Access Plus for those whose courses require specific software).).
  5. Select the group you wish to access. A Windows desktop will load.
  6. Select the Apps4U icon to locate the software you have access to.

Note: You may receive an "Access Denied" error if you have mistyped your username or password to log into BYOD.

  • If you see this error, please try retyping your information.
  • If the issue persists, contact the TechCenter Help Desk.

How to Disconnect

  1. Select the LOGOFF icon on the Windows desktop.
  2. Choose "logout" on your device to log out of the image you were in.
  3. Quit the app on your device.

VMWare Horizon Client Documentation

Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows look and function differently from each other. To learn about your specific Horizon Client, please use the "Help" option in your Horizon Client.

2. Web Version of Horizon

On VMware Horizon, there are two options. By choosing the VMware HTML Access, you can access BYOD directly with your web browser. You do not have to install any of the software previously listed software on this page.

To use the web version choose VMware HTML Access.