Rates & Payment

Our TechCenter is managed by full-time, certified staff but we employ many student technicians as well, which allows us to provide a learning environment for our students while providing service at competitive rates. Our services are billed at an hourly rate with standard rates for our most common services. Any computer or device checked in for service is assessed a minimum Diagnostic Fee of 1/2 hour at our current labor rate.

Rates and payments vary depending on the device type. As an Internal Service Organization (ISO) within the University, our internal (University-owned) and external (non-University owned) rates are different. While we offer maintenance service for personal devices of current students, faculty and staff,  we are not able to provide this service for personal devices of retirees, alumni or the general public.

  University device Non-University device
Rate $80.00 / hour $88.00 / hour
Parts Charged at cost plus shipping Charged at cost plus shipping, handling and tax
Payment Valid EFS account string Processed by the UMD Bookstore (cash, check, or credit card)

Non-payment / Abandoned Equipment: After 45 days, unpaid invoices will be charged to the student account or billed externally through PeopleSoft. ITSS will ship the equipment at the customer's expense to the permanent address listed for the customer account. If no permanent address is available, after 180 days equipment is deemed abandoned and ITSS may securely wipe and recycle the equipment.

ITSS TechCenter Check-in Service Rates (2022-2023 Academic Year)

Service Description University-owned device ($80.00/hour) Non-University device  ($88.00/hour)
Diagnostic Fee Initial diagnostics run on any device that is checked into the TechCenter for service (minimal charge). $40.00 $44.00
Minor Repair Replace any one (1) of the following components: Hard Drive, Touchpad, Keyboard, Battery, CD/DVD drive, or Memory (RAM) $40.00 $44.00
Major Repair Replace any one (1) of the following components: LCD, Motherboard or Top Case. $80.00 $88.00
Additional Component Repair Replace any additional internal components in combination with either a Minor or Major repair. $40.00 $44.00
Secure University Computer Setup Configure University laptop or desktop perUniversity policy. Enroll in Active Directory (Windows) or Casper (Mac) for managed support. Automated install of Enterprise operating system, hardware drivers, software updates, University site license software, and secure encryption software. $80.00 n/a
Unmanaged University Computer Setup Configure University laptop or desktop per University policy. Manual installation of Enterprise operating system, hardware drivers, software updates, and University site license software. $160.00 n/a
On site delivery & setup Deliver computer to customer's office; unpack and set up; verify network access, printing, data, software. $40.00 n/a
Personal Computer Setup Configure personal computer with basic installation. Wipe existing hard drive and reinstall operating system using customer supplied media. Does not include data transfer or software reinstall; software media and licenses are the responsibility of the customer. n/a $88.00
Data Backup, Recovery & Transfer Backup, transfer and/or recover data from customer supplied device to specified media. Applies only to end user's data (documents, photos, music, etc); software applications and licenses are not transferable and will need to be re-installed. $80.00 $88.00
University Secure Data Deletion and Recycle

Secure data wipe, destruction and recycling of University equipment per University policy.

Bulk rate (5 or more devices): $14.00 / device



Warranty repair - Apple, HP or CPS Work with vendor to diagnose, repair, and/or ship device to vendor per the warranty coverage. Varies with warranty
Warranty repair - other vendors Ship device to vendor per the warranty coverage. $80.00 $88.00