Course Design Consultations

Course Design Consultation Request

Request a course design consultation to plan, organize, design, re-design, or incorporate multimedia into courses. Common examples include:

  • Designing a custom home page template
  • Organizing your course layout (e.g. modules, pages)
  • Designing collaborative, group-based, or peer review activities
  • Designing a multimedia assignment for students to complete
  • Adding video in your course (e.g. screencasts, tutorials/demonstrations, module/unit overviews)
  • Designing a new course
  • Redesigning, adapting, or re-organizing an existing course for another format (face-to-face, hybrid, online, flipped etc.)
  • Prototyping, or piloting aspects of a course before making it available to students

Request a Course Design Consultation

Other Academic Technology Resources

For other academic technology services, such as technical troubleshooting, UMD drop-in sessions, or to explore a wide variety of workshops and programming, explore our other support options.