Artificial Intelligence at UMD

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and UMD

The release of ChatGPT created a storm of articles and opinion pieces, policies, and statements from the academy. But OpenAI's famous product is only the tip of the iceberg for the potential for writing, teaching, assessment, business, and beyond.

Locally at UMD, we have an extensive network of scientists, thinkers, philosophers, humanists, and tinkerers who are exploring automation and learning. ITSS hopes to facilitate connections and conversations between these groups with the creation of a..

AI Community of Practice: Spring 2024

Join our AI Community of Practice Google Group, or visit our simple Google Site. This group is open to anyone curious about the intersection between AI and ethics, academics, business, labor, technology, learning, and … everything else in-between. All disciplines and interests are welcome.  

During the spring of 2024, ITSS will schedule some informal gatherings. Then enjoy coffee, tea, and conversation with colleagues on all topics related to artificial intelligence.