Virtual Reality at UMD

Explore VR with ITSS

Virtual and Augmented Reality at UMD

Simulated and immersive experiences with technology are more and more accessible and attainable to the common person and can more readily become part of the classroom experience.

UMD ITSS, in partnership with many individuals and departments, is developing more capacity and infrastructure to support exploration and assessment in Virtual Reality (VR).  Check out the options:

Check out a MetaQuest Headset

ITSS MediaHub has a limited number of MetaQuest headsets that can be checked out to individual faculty and students. Reserve one today, and don't forget to request a consultation with [email protected]

Participate in the VR Community of Practice

Faculty and staff interested in immersive technologies and augmented realities are invited to join and contribute to a Virtual Reality Community of Practice, a Google group. 

Create a Classroom Experience with VR

ITSS's Academic Technology and Course Design team can help you develop an assignment or experience that takes advantage of virtual reality or 360-degree cameras. Schedule a consultation with an academic technologist.

Explore VR in the Kirby Plaza 175

ITSS hosts open houses during the academic year. Hours vary and will be noted on this page.

Open House participants will:

  • gain basic instruction on how to use a VR headset,
  • explore simulations, games, empathy explorations, meditative sessions, interactive training, 360-degree video, and more!
  • participate in a five-minute debriefing and discussion period.

Curious about our content? Learn more in our VR Open House Handout

Note: If you wear glasses and have contact lenses, it is recommended that you bring them. Often, individuals who can read close-ups without their glasses can use virtual reality.