Hardware Purchasing Program

ITSS and UMD Stores have collaborated to offer a hardware purchasing program that streamlines the process for departments to purchase new computers, devices and peripherals. Working closely with our Apple and HP vendors, we have put together a selection of competitively priced computers and accessories to meet any need, whether it is economy, portability or speed. Simply review the current list of devices and send us an email with your choice. We'll take care of the rest, from ordering it, configuring it to meet University standards, and even delivering it if you wish.


Benefits of the hardware purchasing program include:

  • Streamlined process for ordering one or multiple devices.
  • Competitive pricing with direct purchasing and support from the device vendors.
  • Standardized hardware and components to ensure seamless integration into our managed Active Directory (AD) and JAMF services.
  • Access to basic and extended warranties (through Apple Enterprise Care and HP Extended Warranties) to cover accidental damage as well as standard repairs.
  • Onsite repair services at the ITSS TechCenter with staff that are Apple and HP Certified partners, enabling faster turn-around time.
  • Guaranteed technical support from ITSS during the warranty life cycle of the device.
  • Discounted secure recycling at the device end of life.


Available in both desktop and laptop options, we have put together a matrix of Basic, Business, Performance, and Portable categories to meet varying needs.

  • Basic: The basic model for each device meets a standard for basic internet browsing, word processing and other general office use.
    • Recommended for: Economy model for general purpose use.
  • Business: Our business level options are suited to doing more at once: Internet use with many tabs open, streaming videos, editing larger Excel forms, accessing large databases or other tasks. Business models also have increased utility with more USB ports, larger screen sizes and access to ethernet ports for direct access.
    • Recommended for: Every day office use on campus.
  • Performance: Our performance options utilize more powerful components that more efficiently support demanding applications or functionalities such as machine virtualization or video editing.
    • Recommended for: Heavy workloads, faster performance, longer shelf life.
  • Portable: Our portable (laptop) options are small and nimble computers that are easy to transport but fully functional. These typically fall somewhere near our Basic options in power and performance.
    • Recommended for: Staff who travel often or work hybrid schedules.

Models and Pricing

Following are current estimates for each device type. You will receive a final quote to approve before orders are submitted. Pricing and actual inventory items are subject to change.

Apple Desktops

  Model Specs Price
Basic Apple Mac Mini M1/8core/16ram/512ssd $1029.00
Business Apple iMac 24" M1/8core/16ram/512ssd "silver" $1,779.00
Performance Apple iMac 27" i7/8/512 ssd (can go to 16 ram) $2,099

Apple Laptops

  Model Specs Price
Basic Macbook Pro 13" M1/8core/8/512 ssd $1,399
Business Macbook Pro 14" M2/8core/ 16ram /512 ssd (3 usb4, 1 hdmi) $1,849
Performance Macbook Pro 16" M1Pro/ 16ram /512 ssd $2,299
Portable Macbook Air 13" M2/8core/8/256 ssd $899

HP Desktops

  Model Specs Price
Basic HP Elitedesk 800 G9 mini i5/16/256 $850
Business HP Elitedesk 800 G9 mini i7/16/512 $1,025
Performance HP Z2 G9 WS i7 (12 Core)/16/512/4vram $1,575

HP Laptops

  Model Specs Price
Basic HP Elitebook 845 R5/8/256/14"/incl.3yr wty $999
Business HP Elitebook 655 G9 R5 / 16 ram / 512ssd/15.6" $1,029
Performance HP Zbook or Power G9 i7/16/512/4vram call
Portable HP EliteBook x360 1040 G9 i5/16/512/14" $1,999


ITSS can assist in ordering accessories such as docking stations, mice, keyboards, and monitors. Please ask about these extra items and we will work them into your quote. If you are requesting extra monitors, please let us know if you would prefer the standard 24" options or the larger 27" options.

Getting Started

Ordering a new computer through this process is quick and simple:

  1. Select your option(s) from the Models and Pricing list.
  2. Send an email with your option(s) to: [email protected].
  3. You will receive a follow up email with a quote for the item(s) requested.
  4. Approve the quote or work with ITSS staff to fine tune the details.
  5. ITSS will coordinate with UMD Stores to order the computer, take delivery on arrival, and configure it via SCCM / Jamf to meet all University security standards.
  6. Stop by the ITSS TechCenter to pick up your computer, or request delivery and set up in your office.


If you have questions about this process, please contact the ITSS Help Desk ([email protected], (218) 726-8847) to start a conversation.