Guest and Summer Access

Network and Wireless

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Guests can gain 24 hour access to wireless by registering their device on UMD-WiFi network:

  1. Connect your wireless device to UMD-WiFi.
  2. Open a web browser and register as a Guest in the captive portal page. You will be let on the network for 10 minutes during which you must confirm your registration.
  3. Within 10 minutes check your email and click the confirmation link.
  4. Your device is allowed Guest access for 24 hours.

Guest accounts

Presenters, conference attendees, and other official University guests should use one of the following options for accessing wireless:

  • Request Short-term Sponsored Accounts
  • Request Extended-term Sponsored Accounts
  • Sponsor Conference guests

For more information or to request these accounts, please visit: Guest Access.

Guest computers in library

The majority of the computers in the library require authentication with a University Internet ID and password. However, a limited number of computers are configured and labeled for community users as well as students, on a first come first served basis. For details, see Access to Computers in the Library.

Summer Residents (residence halls and apartments)

Summer residents can register a device for UMD-WiFi using the process described above. Registration is valid through the summer months. If you need wired access or access for devices without a web browser, please contact the TechCenter for details and current rates.