Guest and Summer Access

Guests can gain temporary access to wireless by selecting UofM-Guest on their devices:

  1. Connect your wireless device to UofM-Guest. A captive portal page may appear automatically. Otherwise...
  2. Open a web browser and agree to the terms of service on the captive portal page.
  3. You should be connected immediately. If not, try disabling and re-enabling WiFi, or restarting your device.
  4. Your device is allowed Guest temporarily. You will need to repeat these steps for continued access.

Guest accounts

Presenters, conference attendees, and other official University guests should use one of the following options for accessing wireless:

  • Request Short-term Sponsored Accounts
  • Request Extended-term Sponsored Accounts
  • Sponsor Conference guests

For more information or to request these accounts, please visit: Guest Access.

Guest computers in library

The majority of the computers in the library require authentication with a University Internet ID and password. However, a limited number of computers are configured and labeled for community users as well as students, on a first come first served basis. For details, see Access to Computers in the Library.

Summer Residents (residence halls and apartments)

Free guest wireless access is available in the residence halls and apartments.  Summer residents can access UofM-Guest using the process described above. Please note that:

  • Wired/Ethernet connections are not available in the campus residence halls.
  • Accommodations for medical devices can be made on request. Please contact the ITSS Help Desk at 218-726-8847.

For general questions about access, please contact:

UMD Housing
   Sarah (Hunter) Debevec       
   149 Lake Superior Hall
   [email protected]
   (218) 726-7790