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SPSS Site License for Students


UMD students are eligible for SPSS under the extended UMD Student Site License. The UMD Student Site License is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers and provides the following modules:

  • SPSS Base
  • Advanced Models
  • Regression Models and Tables

Cost and Availability

If you are a student (undergrad or gradudate) in CEHSP, CLA or LSBE, you can download your copy of SPSS from the ITSS web site at no cost (the collegiate units have paid the license for these students). All other students may purchase SPSS at reduced cost by visiting the ITSS TechCenter in Kplz 165.

Downloading SPSS

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of SPSS on your computer.
  2. Go to UMD SPSS Software to download the softwareIf the site informs you that you are not eligible to download, see the section above on Cost and Availability.
  3. On the "Select Operating System" page, select the version of SPSS you need and then click the Submit button.
  4. On the "Downloading" page, select "Click here to download..." link. Save the installer to your computer. Note the name and location of the saved file.
  5. After you have successfully downloaded SPSS, check your email for a message from "" This email will contain a Authorization Code which you will need.

Installing SPSS

  1. Launch the SPSS installation file that you downloaded.

    Mac: Open the SPSS .dmg file that you downloaded. This will mount a "SPSSStatistics" drive image on the desktop. Within SPSSStatistics, find and launch SPSS_Statistics_Installer.
    Windows: Run the SPSS_Statistics_25 _winxx.exe file you downloaded.

  2. Accept  the license terms.

  3. You have an option to select IBM SPSS Statistics - Essentials for Python. Select if needed.

  4. Agree to license terms for Python and SPSS if requested.
  5. Destination Folder:
    Mac: select "Restore Default Folder" to use the default SPSS folder locations.
    Windows: Select "Next" to accept the default SPSS folder locations
  6. Select Install to start installation.
  7. When installation completes, select Start License Authorization Wizard, and then Finish (Windows) or Done  (Mac).
  8. If you start SPSS before entering your authorization code, SPSS will request license information. Under "Already purchased IBM SPSS Statistics?" select  License Product. This will open the SPSS License Wizard.
  9. The License Wizard may show that you have a temporary license expiring soon, or SPSS may present other license error message. Select Next to continue with licensing. Note: At this point, to license SPSS, Mac users may be prompted to log out and log back in using an administrator-level account. Log in as requested, and start SPSS.
  10. On the Product Authorization screen, select Authorized user license.
  11. Enter the Authorization Code. This is a 20 character code that you received by email when you downloaded SPSS.
  12. An Internet Authorization Status window should show that authorization was successful, and a Licensing Completed dialog will summarize features installed and expiration dates.
  13. Select Finish to complete installation.
  14. To start SPSS, look for IBM in the Applications Folder (Mac) or the Start Menu (Windows).

Where can I get help?

For questions or problems downloading or installing SPSS:

ITSS Help Desk / TechCenter
Kirby Plaza 165

For questions about performing a particular task or analysis in SPSS:

SPSS Technical Support