Purchasing Computers and Laptops

Laptop Tech Requirements

Laptops are required for all incoming UMD students. Please refer to your collegiate unit for specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should I wait and buy a computer at UMD?

A. You are not required to buy computer hardware or software from UMD, but the UMD Computer Corner offers significant educational discounts for laptop packages and software options that meet UMD's technology requirements. Any hardware and software that is required by a Collegiate Unit (LSBE, CEHSP, CAHSS, SCSE) can be purchased tax free when made at the UMD Computer Corner.

The UMD Computer Corner offers certain laptop packages (HP) that have 4-year warranty and insurance included in the price. Additionally you can purchase a CPS extended warranty for any laptop, tablet or device; this is especially useful for Macs.

Most standard warranties cover manufacturing problems in the first year - if the motherboard dies, for instance. Those kinds of issues are not nearly as common as the extra things the CPS warranty covers - spills, drops, and other kinds of accidental damage. The other thing to know is that if your machine shows some kind of accidental damage, it often voids the manufacturer's warranty.

If you have a CPS warranty, you can have your machine serviced at the UMD TechCenter, which means you don't need to worry about shipping it anywhere (if it needs to be shipped, we'll do it for you). If you DO need to pay for a repair, ITSS rates are very reasonable. The ITSS TechCenter services Apple, Dell, & HP Warranty work.

Q. What software is available to students?

A. A number of software packages are available for students for free or at reduced cost. For details, vist Software.

Q. Can the cost of a computer or laptop be included in financial aid?

A. To determine if the cost of a computer can be included in your financial aid package, students can complete a Cost of Attendance Appeal form. These forms are located at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center.