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The University and ITSS provide a variety of Windows, Macintosh and Unix-based software to students, faculty and staff, for both business and personal use. While you are free to use any software you wish, ITSS does provide a list of recommended solutions. This list is intended to provide guidance for purchase decisions and clarification of support available from ITSS, and is available at: Recommended software solutions

Cost and Availability

Some software has been site licensed and is offered at no charge, some is offered at reduced rates, and some requires additional fees or access charges for personal use. Details are provided for each item on the list below.

Software is offered in a number of ways:

  • Order it from OIT: Software that is licensed at discounted prices for University faculty and staff computers. You will be required to authenticate with your University Internet ID and password, and provide an EFS number to complete the order. The software is then provided as an online download.
  • Download it from ITSS / OIT: Site license software that is available at no charge for immediate download from the ITSS or OIT web site, or from the Software Center (Windows computers on Active Directory). You will be required to authenticate with your University Internet ID and password.
  • Download it from vendor: Freeware or trial software available for immediate download directly from the vendor. Available for anyone for business or personal use. Limited ITSS support.
  • Order it from UMD Computer Corner: Software for business or personal use; some products may have discounts for University students, faculty and/or staff.