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ITSS provides wired network access to most offices on campus and to some residence hall rooms.

How do I request wired network access?

Faculty and staff:
Ethernet jacks in faculty/staff offices are activated on request by completing the online Self Service / PNTeam Service Request form.

Students in the residence halls:
You do not need to request access. Dorms and apartments, except for Lake Superior Hall, provide one live ethernet jack per student. LSH is wireless only. Additional connections are not available.

What is the cost for wired network access?

Faculty and staff:
There may be a one-time labor fee associated with installing a network connection. See Rates and Fees for details.

Students in the residence halls:
There are no additional costs associated with your network connection.

How do I access the wired network?

How you access the wired network depends on where you are located.

Faculty and staff offices
Ethernet jacks are turned on by request only. Once the jack is "live," plug in your Ethernet cable.

Open a web browser and authenticate via the NetReg system. NetReg is an automated network registration system that is used to register unknown computer hardware before granting full network access. 

Residence halls
All Ethernet jacks are "live" in the residence halls. However, you will have limited network access until you register your computer. Once you have registered, you will have full network access. 

Can I put my own hub/router on the wired network?

No. Network infrastructure must be carefully deployed and must be secured against intrusion. Because of these and other issues, customers may not install hubs, routers, or other access points (including wireless hubs) on the Univeristy network. This includes offices and the residence halls.